Christmas Party

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 Santa Arrives at PYC 

Photos by Randy Pine





The Vice Commodore With His Feathered Friends

PYC Traveler's Blog

Today we are adding a new column to the Website to be managed and edited by Andrea Hagner.  Here our members will share the joys and tribulations of their most interesting travels.  Click here  Traveler's Blog will be a permanent selection in the Announcements Menu.


Remember our many Veteran-Members




Pirates of Poquoson 2017

Another blockbuster from the creative mind of Andrea Hagner!. We laughed our asses off for the entire production.

Click here to read the script.

Randy has provided credits and write up in the current newsletter.


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2017 Workboat Races





PYC Launching Point for JV Regatta October 5

Hi Ed, please pass along my thanks to the PYC membership. We had a great Regatta for the JV kids today, and your Dock and backyard were the staging point and primary viewing locations. I'll send you several pics. Feel free to go to the Poquoson Sailing Foundation Facebook page and pull any photos you like.


Steve Hendrickson

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Octoberfest 2017

It was close to a sell-out crowd! 99 meals were served at Octoberfest 2017--and what a meal it was! Thanks to the entire crew for  an extraordinary culinary production, decorations, and an evening enjoyed by all.

Brewer Eddy took first place with his beer-- Fish something or other while Tom Zeitler grabbed second with Devil's Backbone.  'Guess fishy beer tastes better than one might imagine!



Member Opinion to be Removed

Since inception of the Member Opinion column, exactly zero members have submitted opinions. This is a huge disappointment to the editor; but, as column space is valuable, this feature has been removed from the website.



2017 Corn Hole Tournament

John and Melisa Spiszer organized the 2017 Corn Hole Tournament at the club on Sunday, 17 September.  John prepared the following summary of the event:

The winners were the Bob's (Craig and Speechley) who were in the winner's bracket the whole way.  However, it took them two matches to defeat Jesse and Carol Wood who came out of the Loser's bracket (after being beaten early by the Bob's) to take a win before succumbing in the final match,  which ended just as the rain started to fall after a nice afternoon.  The Wood's ended up second after winning the Loser's bracket by defeating our third place finishers Bobby Scott and Vince Wisniewski.  The full bracket is still in the club.

The winners won boxes of microwave popcorn and 16 club dollars each (enough for a dinner and drinks at the club) as well as a corn crown (which they are supposed to wear at the club for the next month).  Second place got popcorn and 10 club dollars each (enough for a club dinner).  Third place got popcorn and 4 club dollars each (enough for a couple drinks).

Melissa Spiszer and Stella French (with great opening/closing of the club support by Charlie French) did a great job assisted by several others---Bobby Scott and Rick Corn brought extra boards, Diane took pics, Cindy Wisniewski helped plan it, Pat Kimsey helped set up, and I'm sure others.

Click here for photos by Diane Bales.


The Happy Hour that Almost Didn't Happen

It was down to the wire Friday September  8 when Andrea was about to declare that there would be no Happy Hour and Dinner on September 15. No one  had volunteered to prepare a member cooked meal! Then, just as the ax was about to fall, Nina and Jeff Brown stepped forward and announced that they would take charge.  Almost immediately Terry Seitz, Bob Craig and Debbie Schneider,  Vince and Cindy Wisniewski got on board to help.  And, as if tending the bar was not enough, Kathy and Lawrence Myers helped serve as well. 

Quite a dinner it was!  Huge portions of barbecue beef brisket from the County Grill, homemade potato salad and baked beans, with several choices of ice cream for desert. 79 meals were served -- at a decent profit to the club, I hear.

GREAT JOB, Crew!  Thanks from all  of us!






One Florida Zoo ushered their flamingos into a men's restroom for protection during the storm. Click here for some more stories about animals in the storm.


Labor Day at Windmill Point

Summer's end came with a trip to Windmill Point. Click for more photos by Esther Freeman.


2017 Record Hop


It was poodle skirts and 50's music at PYC Friday 25 August!  The place was nearly packed!   White socks were everywhere as were the cigarette packs tucked away in the T-shirt sleeves.  Our commodore --  or was it  his brother, was seen in a black motorcycle jacket!    





2017 Eclipse 


Linda Paul adjusts her protective glasses to watch the moon as it made its way in front of the sun

The turn out for the Eclipse party was none short of fantastic!  And food--well it just proved what excellent cooks we have at PYC,

If anything was amazing, it was just how bright 15% of the sun is!  I think most of us expected it to get much darker.

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Cape Charles Boating Outting


PYC boaters made their way across the bay to Oyster Point Marina for the annual Oyster Fest and Boat Docking event.  There was a little partying too!



Al--"living on the edge?"



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Here is an excellent site to tell you what to expect during  the Eclipse of the Sun on August 21.Click Here 

The eclipse will be about 85% in Poquoson. Want to see a total eclipse? Drive about 300 miles southwest--Hilton Head might be a good choice!



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Nostalgia Anyone? 

Click here for some photos from the 50's and 60's that may spawn some good memories.



The Holulea Returns Home to Hawaii


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2017 Wine and Cheese Party

The 2017 Wine and Cheese party held on Saturday, June 10. The committee (sans photographer Bob Townsend) pictured below, out did themselves with decorations and the selection of fine wines, cheeses, and hor d`oeuvres . 

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Memorial Day 2017

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PYC Veterans Honor Roll

The Veteran's Honor Roll is now a permanent page of the PYC Website.

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Blessing of the Fleet

The annual Blessing of the Fleet was held Sunday, May 21, at 1:00 pm.  Dr. Michael Condrey, of Kirkwood Presbyterian Church in Yorktown led the club in prayer for the upcoming boating season.  Approximately 50 members attended to enjoy the fellowship and lunch of hamburgers, potato salad and baked beans.

Thanks to our Fleet Captain, Kathy Meyers and all the others who helped to organize and produce this meaningful event. 




A Rainy Night In Poquoson

The weather was miserable Friday evening but we had a nice crowd and it was warm and dry inside PYC Friday before Mother's Day. Given the weather and traffic, Frank and Shawn were not too late with the dinner.

Our dessert was graced by beautiful long-stemmed roses and marvelous cakes to celebrate Mothers Day.  The roses were a GIFT from our wonderful chef, Frank Coffey.  Frank always makes our Friday Night meals special, but this made the evening a  truly special night.  How lucky we are to have him in our PYC Family. (Thanks David for getting this word out).




The duce does not win 50/50 so the pot lives on.

Help is still needed with a couple of member cooked meals. Look over the "board" and sign up. No one is clamoring to do the "member served meal" on July 21, either.

Folks, member help with the meals is one of the ways we keep our dues affordable. Please do your part. The member prepared meals are one of our greatest sources of revenue.

The Blessing of the Fleet is next Sunday with good weather currently in the forecast.



Cinco de Mayo

The annual Cinco de Mayo Party was a blast Friday May 5! The highlight of the evening,  at least in this writer's opinion, was the extraordinary batch of Margaritas prepared by Nick and Linda Paul. Knock your socks off is what I mean!  These were sold out at  least 30 minutes before dinner. Frank and Shawn prepared a huge taco salad with a bar for the members to add the trimmings.  Following dinner, Brewer Eddy conducted a trivia quiz that was like a Mexican college entrance exam.  Roy Schenck won a bottle of "Cheap Tequila" (actually some pretty good stuff--but it lacked the requisite worm to qualify as really good tequila). After much technical difficulty, the traditional pinata was burst. Click here for more photos



Steak Night à la Joe

Joe Discenza chaired another sell-out with the 2017 version of Steak Night. The steaks and preparation were excellent! Entertainment was "Frank Sings Frank" for the 4th straight year.  Everyone enjoyed a great evening. Thanks to Joe, Sally, and all the others who pitched in to create a remarkable event.

stock photo

Frank Cubillo, the  "Frank" in "Frank Sings Frank", asked that we post his summer entertainment schedule. Click here.



GOLF Tournament

We need some photos!

A bunch of members worked really hard to make the Golf Tournament a memorable event this year. Carol Wood, made a huge contribution before her injury and stayed with it as much as possible during her recovery. Al provided the following information that clearly illustrates the team effort, so typical of PYC:

Sharon kept track of sponsors and players and helped to collect money on Friday nights. She maintained the records regarding status of payments (tournament fee and sponsor fee). She was the sole record keeper while Carol was in the hospital and the rehab facility and assisted when Carol was home by continuing to keep track of players, sponsors and money received. Although she was not originally on the committee, she played a key and time consuming role. (I am sure that Mike helped Sharon to some  extent)

 Frank Krieger (also not originally on the committee) secured Susan Eacho (State Farm Ins) as the lunch sponsor. He also purchased the gift certificates from Surf’s- Up on behalf of the club for prizes.

 Bernie Gore and George Nellos placed the hole sponsor signs on the golf course before the tournament started and retrieved them when everyone finished.

 Penny Valentine and Connie Sledd manned the tournament sign-in table. They checked in players and collected money, if needed.

 Mike Greenwood helped me with reviewing the score cards and determining the winners.

 Carol Wood started the ball rolling before her accident. She conducted the initial committee meeting and had the initial contact with the Hamptons Golf Course and the restaurant at the course (Anniebell’s) where the players had lunch. She prepared the brochure, dinner tickets and drink tickets. She also followed –up with potential players and hole sponsors, maintained the player and sponsor lists with Sharon, and generally cntinued to play a major role after she got home.

 Also, Terri Fredrickson planned and organized the “Golf” card game at the club for those who wanted to participate in an activity , but didn’t play golf.

 I didn’t have any involvement with the group that prepared the dinner at the club. I think Carol Nozynski was in charge of those arrangements.

 Winners, 18-hole players:

 Fight 1 , first place team: Buddy Green, Crosby Forrest, Jim Wampler, and Steve Jackson

Flight 2, first place team: Homer Morgan, Wayne Gaines, Daniel Morgan, and Joe Burton

Winners, 9-hole players:

Carol Mitchell, Debbie Schneider, Mona Mozansky, and Terri Fredrickson

Closest to the pin winners:

Men: Jim Bales

Women: Debbie Mann




What a strange name!  BOINC stands for Berkley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing.  It provides an easy way for any of us with computers to participate actively in ongoing current research. We simply install the BOINC software on our computers, select the program or programs we want to support, and BOINC does the rest.  You don't even know its is there unless you look!

Most of the time your computer just sits idle, spinning its wheels, so to say. BOINC grabs those unused computer cycles and puts them to work number crunching scientific data for some very interesting projects. These range from searching for radio signals from far out in the universe to earthquake prediction analysis. For more information, Google "BOINC."




St. Patrick's Day Party

It was a party with the traditional corned beef and cabbage, green beer, and everyone Irish for a day. Someone tried to put a green scarf  on the club kitty but Kitty was too quick and didn't go along with it (Did that really happen or did someone have too much fun and green beer?). Click here for more photos.




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Photo by Connie Sledd          

Friday, February 26 was Mardi Gras at Poquoson Yacht Club. From the moment one entered the club there was the ambiance of Ole 'Orleans--from the mask adorned bottles of wine on each table to the beautiful gala posters on the walls--it was a festive occasion. Frank and Shawn prepared one of the best shrimp creole dishes we've ever served.  Clearly, the committee went all out this year!  Andrea Hagner closed the festivities with a Mardi Gras oriented game of trivia. Click here for more photos




SMILE! Show us your TEETH!


Members! Please check your photos.  If you want yours updated or if you do not have a photo in the database, please email Ed Roberts a photo you would like to have displayed with your information (you can change it yourself by clicking on "Change Personal Photo").



2017 Chili Cookoff

The competition was fierce, and the tension palpable as 14 of the nation's best chili chefs squared off at Poquoson Yacht Club for the annual cut-throat chili cookoff. When all was done, three professional judges were unable to reach a decision (I still can't figure that out), and a coin toss was required to determine the winner.  Mike Armentrout got honorable mention with his "no name chili."  Shirley Meyers and Gay Geiger flipped a coin to determine first and second place with Gay taking the top spot. 

Terri Fredrickson was a shoo-in to win the best decorations award for her booth lavishly decorated in honor of President Trump.



And last but certainly not least, Bob Craig and Debbie Schneider received the Peoples Choice Award for the best chili,  a concoction of prairie-fed buffalo meat, corn-fed pork and many secret barnyard ingredients.

Irrespective of much pre-judgement banter, 'Double-Trouble' will have to try again next year!  

This humble correspondent is reminded of one of Ricky Nelson's later songs, Garden Party-- " can't please everyone, you gotta please yourself"!

Click here for more photos courtesy of Earleen Corn, Fred and Pat Kimsey



PYC Dined out at the Corner Bistro in Poquoson

Wednesday, January 18

Over 20 of our members enjoyed a fine meal at the Corner Bistro in Poquoson Wednesday evening. The Dine Out events are held each month.  If you have not tried it, sign up in February. Fun, fellowship, good food and drink--that's what it is all about!

Click here for more photos


Kiwanis Boating Fishing and Nautical Arts Flea Market 

Fred Kimsey is chairing this fun event for the 4th year. Don't miss it!



Patricia Apelt Publishes Her Latest Book

Patrica Apelt has just released her latest book, Circumstantial Connections, available in soft cover or as an e-book from Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.  Patricia has a number of books on hand that she will sign and hand to you personally.  

Congratulations, Patricia! We are proud of our latest author!




We Need Your Photographs

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A Message from Our Commodore, Mike Stephens




Happy New Year Poquoson Yacht Club!